Hello , my name is Janay and I have ‘OPADD’

OPADD=Obsessive passion attention deficit disorder.
So….I find it very hard to focus on one passion. One day I’m painting, the next day I’m reading some random book, then I’m off to some random project( IE: Wine bottles) Ok, so I don’t really have OPADD. I like to think of myself ‘as Susan L. Reid says’ , a Multiple-streams-of-passion-person. She goes on to say “AND” is your favorite word. You feel limited by the word “OR”, uncomfortable when you need to narrow down choices, and absolutely revolted by the command “Pick one”.
Ding ding ding! Welcome to my struggle…..Jack of all trades, master of none- Now in my career life this is not evident but walk into my home will you. Take a look around, you will see spanish books with only the first half dismantled. You will only see a collection about 12 paintings. Several wine bottles all made into different things. Some painted, some lamps. ALL of my books have been dog eared(Not a word) but not finished. I know it’s only logical to read one and move on to the next. But curiosity and impatience gets the best of me. So why not read them all at once? Get the point?

Now I’m no Polymath, that’s not what this segment is about. But it’s not a bad idea to take on some “Polymath Qualities” and turn my passions into money. 😉

*Googles ballet and piano lessons*


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