-This is a Poem by me. Written Summer of 2010. The woman in this lyric is speaking of love stealing her away, without any warning. She thought she was content in life single. But ‘someone’ …’He’…had different plans. Note: This poem was not a personal experience. 😉 –


There I was safe in bed planning my attack on life which route should I choose?

With confidence and self gratitude I closed my eyes everything to gain nothing to lose.

I thought I heard a footstep which was confirmed by his dark silhouette.

Careful not to react all I could do is retrace my steps.

What did I miss? ..I silently hissed.

I closed and locked the windows to my soul

Even pulling back the curtains so that with your eyes you could not control me.

I remember shutting the gates to my mind so that even my inner most thoughts you couldn’t find.

The walls guarding my heart were 10ft tall how?!

Suddenly I rose, panting, sweating, heart jumping

100 horses I wouldn’t hear thumping

Snatched I was taken without a trace.

My senses you held captive in your charming grace.

To taste just one part of you, to touch what’s underneath

Your clothes no longer protecting you.

Knowing ..breathing in all the makings of you.

Appetizing words dancing on the tip of your tongue, falling gracefully onto your lips so far out they got me strung.

Suddenly you come to a halt releasing your death grip on me.

Still I cannot see past it all, my walls were 10ft tall!

As my head rises it all becomes clear

One look in your eyes has confirmed all my fears.

Authentic soul brown your eyes shined, the way you licked your lips who knew it could make them more refined

Your words continue to dance after being refreshed by your sweet nectar

My mouth should have been that collector!

“Baby” your words two stepped…”While you were busy closing the windows to your soul and shutting the gates to your mind

As a friend I slipped right in.”

Now we have the greatest bond

“No better love would I ever….recommend.”


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